Tools & Resources

To enable organisations to move towards the adoption of the enterprise delivery model a number of tools have been developed.

Maturity Matrix: self-assessment questionnaire

The questionnaire enables organisations to assess the extent to which they display the characteristics of the enterprise model.

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Project 13 Framework

The Project 13 Framework is made up of Five Pillars, the Project 13 Principles and the Maturity Matrix.

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Transformation Roadmap

The roadmap contains a range of guidance materials and case studies to help organisations develop the characteristics of the enterprise model.

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The Blueprint describes how a high performing enterprise operates. Specifically it sets out the roles, capabilities and responsibilities of the key stakeholders in an enterprise model - investors, owners, integrators, advisers and suppliers.

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Commercial Handbook

The Commercial Handbook outlines a series of core principles that are fundamental to creating the right commercial environment for an enterprise model to be realised.

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Ripe for transformation, ready for change?

This report provides a snapshot of the UK infrastructure industry’s digital maturity – it’s readiness for digital transformation.

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