Project 13: From transactions to enterprises

Transformation roadmap

What is the transformation roadmap?

The roadmap is full of guidance materials to enable more effective collaboration between major infrastructure project and programme delivery partners. The overarching aims are to develop high-performing enterprises that improve the efficiency of delivery, the performance of networks and help to boost productivity across the infrastructure sector.

Click through the individual roadmap items to find out how the guidance materials can help to improve collaboration across the range of projects and programmes that your organisation is engaged in.

Identify benefits and articulate outcomes

Clear Value Definition:

Clear articulation of the business case for the Enterprise, in the context of wider economic benefits and whole-life operation

Clear Customer Outcomes

Clear expression of the required outcomes provides a platform for goal setting, alignment and customer participation

Clear Goals and Targets

Customer outcomes translated into clear goals and targets, cascaded through the ecosystem

Behaviours and capabilities

Vision and mission:

Strategy in place describing future approach, way of working and organisational culture

Clear vision statement in place that is driven by value, outcome and target definition and that is used as reference for all processes and strategies

Committed Leadership:

Senior leaders across the organisation committed to a new way of working to become a high performing enterprise

Culture and Behaviours:

Required behaviours are clearly identified and articulated. Aims and principles of innovation, societal benefit and up-skilling are clearly defined

Design the enterprise

Commercial Model:

Model that:

- Measures value from a baseline
- Mandates outcomes or needs
- Is designed to drive the required behaviours
- Rewards information value throughout whole asset life

Organisational Model:

Initial organisational model agreed, including:

- Capabilities required to deliver
- Clearly identified lines of responsibility for integration
- Collective responsibility for solution development
- Clear interfaces with asset management and operation
- Clear strategy for off site manufacturing and on site assembly

Integration Strategy:

Strategy that identifies and provides for the selection of the right partners and roles; based on capability, leadership and behaviour. Applicable within the internal and external contexts

Define Collective Ownership

Procurement Strategy:

Strategy that:

- Identifies critical ecosystem
capability including digital enblers
- Secures early involvement in solution development
- Achieves alignment through
commercial incentives, behaviours, packaging strategy, long-term goals - Maximises value of investments through integrated digital-physical systems


Digital systems provide information to continuously measure ‘as delivered’ and ‘as operated’ performance against customer outcomes

High Performing Teams:

A structured and shared programme of organisational change and improvement initiatives to develop and maintain integrated, collaborative and agile teams with the necessary digital skills

Enable the environment

Conditions for an
Integrated Enterprise:

Key enablers to integration identified and established:

- Shared systems, processes and infrastructure, providing access to information
- Best for task selection of integrated teams
- Objective setting and review process for performance management

Effective Relationship

Processes in place to manage the enterprise at outcome, programme, system and network level

Ecosystem Development

Development of skills, suppliers and sustainability systems; reducing barriers to entry for SMEs and digital start-ups

Conditions for Integrated

Key enablers to integrated delivery established:

- Common reporting
- Clear integrated delivery
process and milestones

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